Your church will love celebrating Abingdon Press' new VBS...Champions in Life: Ready, Set Go with God! Participants will find joy in knowing that Jesus makes each one a winner and that we are competing in life in order to reach the goal of the high calling of Jesus Christ.

    With Champions in Life, participants will:
  • Activate and exercise faith and fun!
  • Be encouraged to set godly goals!
  • Be inspired to reach for the prize!
  • Believe that Jesus makes them champions!

  • "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint."   — Isaiah 40:31

Theme Chart

Theme Chart

VBS Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Abingdon Press VBS is an intergenerational VBS that utilizes African American culture, history, music, and art to teach Biblical truths.

  • Session 1: Get in the Race (2 Samuel 18:19-32) Zadok's son chooses to get in the race.
  • Session 2: Be Skillful, Be Caring! (1 Samuel 20:18-23, 35-41) Jonathan protects his friend, David.
  • Session 3: Keep Your Eyes on Jesus! (Matthew 14:22-33) Peter tries to meet Jesus as he walks on water.
  • Session 4: A Long Wait! (John 5:2017) Jesus commands a man who sat by a pool for 38 years to get up and walk.
  • Session 5: Reach for the Goal! (Philippians 3:12-16) The goal is the high calling of Jesus Christ.


  1. PlayChampions!
  2. PlayRun and Tell That
  3. PlayWalk Run Swim Fly!
  4. PlayGuide My Feet
  5. PlayTortoise and the Hare
  6. PlayLook Out! Watch Out!
  7. PlayTake Courage!
  8. PlayJesus Says Come!
  9. PlayI've Decided to Make Jesus My Choice
  10. PlayNo More Sitting Down
  11. PlayHigher Ground